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Leader'e automatic soybean oil refining, complete soybean oil machine suppliers

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Leader'e
Certification ISO9001:2000, BV, CE
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets Leader'e automatic soybean oil refining
Price US $40,710 - 8,974,130/ Set
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 50 Set/Sets per Quarter Leader'e automatic soybean oil refining

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Leader'e automatic soybean oil refining, complete soybean oil machine suppliers

ABOUT Leader'E

Shandong Leader'e Grain and Oil Machinery Co,. Ltd. is located in The captical of Shandong


Leader'e is leading oil processing and deep processing industry, especially the technoloLD design &

research and engineering construction of oil refining, fractionation, de-waxing, esterification,

transesterfication, preparation of fatty acids & their derivatives, special grease processing and phosphatide concentrating etc.

Leader'e has many senior technical staffs who major in oil technoloLD and machinery.

Meanwhile, Leader'e has engaged senior oil engineering professors in He Nan University of


Leader'e established one research and development center together with He Nan University of


With years' practice, Leader'e equipments and technoloLD have been exported to Asia, Africa, South America regions and achieved good feedback from customers.


10-500T/H oil material first cleaning,drying and storage section turn-key project;

100-3000 T/D oil pretreatment, shelling and pre-press workshop turnkey project (soybean hot peeling, bean skin crushing; the soybean extrusion, high oil contained pre-press cake extrusion, and high oil contained embryos puffed; of direct puffed). Rice bran production line turn-key project;

100~300TPD Leaching workshop turnkey project (Drag chain extractor, Rotocel extractor, loop type extractor, DTDC toaster, the full negative pressure evaporation, paraffin wax recovery, leaching workshop degum, phospholipid concentrate);

30-1000T/D oil continuous grade one or two physical (chemical) refining productionline;

20-3000T/D sunflower oil, rice bran oil, corn germ oil dewaxing turn-key project;

10-200T/D Fatty acid esterification production cooking oil production line.


The purpose of Degumming Vegetable Oils is to remove GuLD. All oils have hydratable and non-hydratable guLD.
a. Water Degumming: Hydratable guLD are removed by treating oils with water and separating the guLD. The guLD can be dried to produce lecithin.
b. Acid Degumming: Non-Hydratable guLD are removed by treating oils with acids and separating the guLD. Neutralizing
The purpose of Neutralizing Vegetable Oils is to remove Free-Fatty Acids (FFAs). Traditionally, FFAs are treated with caustic soda (NaOH). The reaction produces Soaps which are separated from the oil. Because trace amounts of soaps remain in the oil, the oil is either washed with water or treated with Silica.Some processors prefer not to perform caustic neutralizing. Instead, they prefer Physical Refining in which the FFAs are evaporated from the oil under high temperature and vacuum. This process can be combined with deodorization step described under FFA stripping.Physical Refining process is preferred because of the following reasons:(a) it does not produce soaps; (b) it recovers fatty acids that provide better cost recovery; (c) there is smaller yield loss compared to caustic refining—especially for oils with higher FFAs;(d) it is a chemical-free process. Bleaching
The purpose of Bleaching is to remove color pigments contained in Vegetable Oils. The oil is treated with Bleaching Clays that LDorb the color pigments. The clay is filtered and the clean bleached oil is stored for further processing. Process flow diagram is attached. Deodorizing
The purpose of Deodorizing Vegetable Oils is to remove odor substances. The oil is subjected to steam distillation under high temperature and vacuum to evaporate all odor substances. The resulting deodorized oil is almost bland and tasteless.




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