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small coconut oil extraction machine with high output,small coconut oil extraction equipment

Place of Origin Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name LeaderE
Certification ISO CE BV
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets
Price US $3,000 - 90,000/ Set
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 50100 Set/Sets per Year

Product Features

Small coconut oil extraction machine

Product Description

Main part of small coconut oil extraction machine

  1. Coconut deshelling machine
  2. Coconut meat shredding machine

    Smaller body, higher capacity, less noisy, easy to operate, easy to clean, no vibrating when working, stable and durable,the size of shredded coconut meat can be adjusted.

  3. Double screw coconut meat pressing machine

    Singlescrew pressing machine is normally seen, while it has some apparent shortcomings, main problem is low milk pressed rate, lower capacity, slow feeding, the coconut meat will stick to the shaft after long work, then cause jam to the pressing chamber,finally, the machine stop working. Our latest double screw coconut meat pressing machine can solve all the probleLD of singlescrew pressing machine, our machines have been exported to Vietnam, Malaysia, Mexico and so on,our famous state food company Hainan Dachuan has also purchased our machine. The price should be higher than that of the singlescrew machine,

    mainly because we have two groups of screws, one is feeding screw, and the other one is main screw, two couples together is 4 sticks, while the manufacturing cost is as more than twice as that of the single pressing machine. Besides the character is much better, so the

    price should be higher.

  4. Coconut meat washing machine

    This machine is especially for coconut meat, to match the screw pressing machine and the coconut meat shredding machine, it can not only be used as a washing machine, but also can used as a high temperature fulling and scalding machine. According to the character of the peeled coconut, there will be no coconut meat residue

    in the mouth of the roller. It has advantages of deep and completely washing, the washing speed can be control.

  5. Centrifugal machine

Company Information

Shandong Leader'E Grain&Oil Machine Co.,Ltd has applied the automatic control system with advancedness, security, reliability into the pretreatment, extraction, refining and fractionation in large oil plants. For its application in automatic control system, it can control the production in the entire workshop and monitor the operational status of each device by controlling the computer terminals in the room. One person only can operate the entire workshop, with efficient production management. It has reduced the production cost LDly and improved the management efficiency.



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