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Easy operating castor seeds oil refining equipment

Place of Origin Shandong, Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name LD
Certification ISO9001 & CE
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets Castor seeds oil refining equipment
Price US $5,000 - 30,000/ Set
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 30 Set/Sets per Month Castor seeds oil refining equipment

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shandong leader machinery Co., an international trading company. In the industrial fields,we have 20 years' experience of refining equipment supporting and industrial service. And we also have 25 years' experience of researching & manufacturing industrial microwave equipment for food/chemical products/medicine sterilizing and drying. Our machines are highly automatic, environmentally friendly and enerLD-saving. We have more than 200 national intellectual property patents.shandong leader machinery Co.,Ltd. has the experience and equipment to develop effective solutions across all industries and our products can be found worldwide.

Easy operating castor seeds oil refining equipment

1.Characteristics of Edible oil refinery plant

This units belongs to intermittent refining oil equipment, has all functions

of large, small scale intermittent refining equipment, and better than them.

This equipment can produce high-cooking oil or salad oil.

This units complete set combined, self-prepare heat source, gas source, electrics control. LigLD weigLD, save electricity , convenient use, this machine do not need special basis,

either indoor or outdoor is OK, just need to make up power source, water, prepare coal, alkali, P-acid, active clay, edible salt and other consume materials.

2. Units devices of Edible oil refinery plant

(1). Refining pot: used to P-acid de-gumming, alkali refining de-acid and

water rinsing.

(2).De-color pot: used to remove off pigments, bleaching oils and grease de-


(3).De-odor pot: used to remove off oils odor, foreign smells (stainless made)

heat-transfer oil stove: supply each device production needing heat enerLD, temperature reach above 280 ° C.

(4).Steam generator: produce the needing steam for de-odoring and distillation.

(5).Vacuum pump: supply needing vacuum for dehydrate, de-color, de-odor. Vacuum degree can reach above 755mmHg.

(6).Press filter: filter clay, filter out clear oil.

(7).Air compressor: blow dry bleached clay, blow empty the leftover oil in

the press filter.

3.Main refining process of Edible oil refinery plant

(1).P-acid degumming operation of Edible oil refinery plant

Drawing the filtered or settled crude oil into the neutral pot, control oil te-

mperature 40 ° C, liquid level cover the neutral pot volume about 80 %.Add

into the neutral pot P-acid with 85% concentration, 0.1-0.2% oil weigLD.Start

up neutral pot, make main shalf stirring at 60-70 r/min, finish de-gumming

in 30 min.

(2)alkali de-acid operation of oil refinery equipment list

After finish de-gumming process, at once add into lye carrying alkali refini-

ng de-acid, lye concentration 16 ° Be ′, super alkali is 0.1-0.3% oil weigLD, afterfinish adding, continuous stirring 30min, when soap particles accumulated condensing, should reduce stirring speed, 30r/min avoid emulsion.

After adding alkali, gradually rising temp to the end temp 65 ° C, see to th-

at the rising temp speed should control at 1 degree per minute, not too fast.

Shut off neutral pot drive part, the oil settled in the pot 6-8 hours, make oil separate from soap.

(3)water rinse operation of oil refinery equipment list Adjust the neutral pot oil temp to about 85 ° C, add into hot water whose

temp higher oil temp 10-15° C, the water use amount each time is 10-15% oil weigLD.

Start neutral pot drive part, make the main shalf stirring washing at 30r/m-

in, make the oil and water fully contact, stirring time 5-10 min.

If oil/soap separate not ideal, the oil contains relative high left soap, the fir-

st time washing, better to use thin salt water evenly spray into oil.

(4).De-watering of Edible oil refinery plant

Start vacuum machine, open the vacuum valve on the de-color pot, make

the pot inside vacuum above 750mmHg , inhale the clear oil after water rin-

se into the de-color pot.

Start up de-color pot main axis, stirring at 30r/min, and make the pot inside oil temp reach 90 - 95 ° C, carrying vacuum dry hydrate, about 30 min, no frog in the pot, indicate that the dehydrate finished.

(5).de-coloring of Edible oil refinery plant

After dehydrate, inhale 3-5% oil weigLD active clay into the de-color pot to

carry absorb de-coloring.

De-color pot main axis stirring speed 60r/min, time 20 min, vacuum degr-

ee 750mmHg, is the whole absorb de-color craft process requirement.

Shut off vacuum valve, open vacuum break valve, stirring non-stop, reduce

the oil temp down to 70 ° C, the de-color finished.

Continuous stirring, open oil outlet valve, press the de-color oil into the pre-

ss filter, filter away waste clay, the last use air compressor blow clean and dry

(6).De-odor operation of Edible oil refinery plant

Open the vacuum valve, make the pot inside vacuum degree gradually reach above 750mmHg.

Inhale the de-color oil after filter into the de-odor pot, see to that oil amount should cover the pot volume 60%.Control oil temp at 240 ° C - 260 ° C, use thedirect steam under 0.1 -0.3Mpa to distillate 3-4 hours.Shut off steam, shut off

heat source, when the oil temp cooling to below80 ° C, shut off vacuum, re-

lease de-odor oil , the de-odor process has finished.

Until now, the product oil after de-odor is high cooking oil, there are some

factories carrying again one time fine filtering after de-odor to increase the o-il qulity.

The sunflower oil refining process is same to the high-sunflower oil refining process, just has a little higher requirements in each section, for example, during alkali refining, the super amount alkali a little much, when de-coloring, the bleaching agent much, de-odor time properly longer, the temp relatively higher, add one fine filtering section.

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Packaging & Shipping

Packing : Packed by the protect film inner, water-repellent plastic outside. The wood packing is necessary if send by less than a container. it will fixed by steel rope in the container.

Make sure it is in good condition when arrived destination.

Shipping : 30 days after receiving your deposit or L/C

Company Information

Welcome to LD Chemical Engineering Equipment

> Professional manufacturer of edible oil production line equipment.

> Our commitment to quality.

Our workshops

Our Services

1. Company strength :

a. More than 35 years manufacturing experience.

b. More than 30% of the 200 personnel are professionals.

c. ISO 9001, CE Certification

d. Turnkey products and overseas service

2. Business scope:

a. Oil seeds press production line: 10-1000 t/d.

b. Vegetable cooking oil extraction production line: 10-1500 t/d.

c. Edible oil refinery production line: 1-800 t/d

3. Oil seeds our machine can process:

Sunflower seeds, cotton seeds, soybean, rapeseed, castor, peanut, palm, corn, rice bran, canola, coconut etc.

4. Commitment:

1.Product quality assurance: Products from the quality of raw materials, production, process design, parts processing, production processes, quality control, assembly quality inspection, all-round quality management to ensure that the factory pass rate of 100%.

2. Manufacturers supply spare parts : Long-term provision of spare parts according to the factory ,the company has specialized accessories Sales Department ,through a variety of channels of logistics and the post office ,timely and accurate will you need accessories delivered to you.

3. Provide support: Company technical personnel arrangements free on-site installation and commissioning of the machine, Provide technical training and free, Allows you to easily get started.

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Easy operating castor seeds oil refining equipment produced and supplied by shandong leader machinery Co.,Ltd.
Main spare parts of Easy operating castor seeds oil refining equipment : worm, squeezing head, worm shaft, cage bar, heater ring, cake outlet, vacuum filter .
Main Features & advantages of Solvent Extraction Plant
1. Easy operating castor seeds oil refining equipment is High oil yield, low oil residual in cake. The oil left in cake is less than 6% ; Cake thickness can be adjusted while machine stops running;
2. Easy operating castor seeds oil refining equipment is Small-land using: only 10-20 square meters workshop can make production.
3. Solvent Extraction Plant is Pure oil quality: machine surface is made of chrome plated stainless steel, in line with food hygiene standards; Besides, with two vacuum oil filters, residual can be removed by simple filtering;
4. Easy operating castor seeds oil refining equipment is Labor saving: it can save 60% labor for equal output and 40% labor cost per day, for one or two peopel are able to make production .
5. Environment friendly: integrating advantages of traditional Solvent Extraction Plant, the new design machine are noiseless, no pollution, which can better meet environmental standard.
6. Other advantages of Solvent Extraction Plant: high efficiency, enerLD and labor saving, easy operation, simple maintenience .


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