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China Manufacture Soybean Oil Production Line

Place of Origin Shandong, Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name LD
Certification CE&ISO9001
Min.Order Quantity 1 Plant/Plants
Price US $300,000 - 350,000/ Plant
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 10 Plant/Plants per Quarter

Product Features

Soybean oil production line

1. Soybean Oil Processing Diagram of Soybean oil production line

2. Soybean oil production line

2.1 Inputting Capacity: 30TPD---1000TPD Soybean

2.2 Main Equipment :

  • Cleaning/weighing;
  • Drying/cooling;
  • Tempering; Cracking;
  • Dehulling
  • Conditioning
  • Flaking ( to solvent Extraction )

2.3 Specification of inputting Soybean

The performance of the soybean preparation plant shall be based, amongst others, on the following product specifications of the incoming partial or unclean beans with the following properties:

Oil content: 18-22%
Bulk density: 0.68 t/m3
Moisture content: maximum 14%, but dried to 11%
Impurities: maximum 2%
Hull content: 7-8%
Split/broken beans: maximum 20%
Temperature: minimum 15º C (59° F)

3 Soybean Soybean oil production line

2.1 Inputting Capacity: 30TPD---1000TPD Soybean Meal

2.2 Main Equipment :

  • Solvent Extracting;
  • Soybean Meal Conditioning;
  • Solvent Recovery;
  • Miscella Oil distillation;
  • Residual Mix air handling system
2.2 Final Crude Soybean Oil And Soybean Meal Specification :
A) Crude soybean oil that has not been water degummed:
Moisture content: 0.2 wt%
Impurities: 0.1 wt%
Flash point: 121°C
B) Degummed oil has to meet the additional specification:
Phosphorus content: 200 ppm P max
C) Extraction soybean meal
Residual oil content (AOCS Ba 3-38): 0.8%
Hexane content: 200-300 ppm
Moisture after LD/cooler 12.5 wt% max.
Temperature: 20°C (68°F) max
Urease activity (AOCS Ba 9-58)
(AOCS Casey-Knapp Method)
0.15 Delta pH max
D) High protein soybean meal
Obtainable quantity of this meal depends on the protein content of the raw soybeans processed.
Protein: 47.0 wt% minimum
Fat: 0.7% minimum
Fiber: 3.0% - 3.5%
Moisture after LD/cooler: 12.5% max.
Temperature: 20°C (68°F)

4 Crude Soybean Oil Refinery

2.1 Inputting Capacity: 20TPD---1000TPD Crude Soybean Oil

2.2 Main Equipment :

  • Degumming;
  • Bleaching;
  • Deodorizing
2.3 Final RBD Soybean Oil Specification


Quality Index

First grade


( Livopond 25.4mm)


( Livopond 133.4mm)

Yellow 20 Red 2.0

Smell & taste

Odorless &bland


Clear& Colorless







Acid Value(KOH)



Per Oxide Value



Residue solvent


Not be detected

5 Company Introduction

Shandong LD Cereals And Oils Machinery Co.,Ltd is the leading manufacture which specializid in Edible Oil Extraction And Refinery

Main Projects Scope:
-----30-5000T/D oilseeds pretreatment project
-----30-5000T/D oilseeds extraction project
-----10-500T/D crude oil refining project
-----10-500T/D crude oil fractionation project
-----Oil interesterification project
-----Oilseeds protein, phospholipid project
-----Natural pigment extraction project
-----Grain deep processing project

Typical Project:
----30-1000T/D rice bran pretreatment, expanding, extraction project
----30-600T/D rice bran oil refining project
----150-1000T/D cottonseed dephenolizing protein
----10-120T/H palm fruit oil pressing project
----10-500T/D Non acid method biodiesel production project
----10-2000T/D corn deep processing project

Newest TechnoloLD:
---EnerLD saving oil vacuum deodorization technoloLD
---Concentrated protein extraction technoloLD
---Mixed oil extraction technoloLD
---Mixed oil refining technoloLD
---Molecular distillation technoloLD
---Broken rice desaccharification technoloLD
---Continuous lignite extraction technoloLD

Please feel free to contact with us. and Welcome to visit our factory !

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China Manufacture Soybean oil production line produced and supplied by shandong leader machinery Co.,Ltd.
Main spare parts of China Manufacture Soybean oil production line : worm, squeezing head, worm shaft, cage bar, heater ring, cake outlet, vacuum filter .
Main Features & advantages of Soybean Oil Plant
1. China Manufacture Soybean oil production line is High oil yield, low oil residual in cake. The oil left in cake is less than 6% ; Cake thickness can be adjusted while machine stops running;
2. China Manufacture Soybean oil production line is Small-land using: only 10-20 square meters workshop can make production.
3. Soybean Oil Plant is Pure oil quality: machine surface is made of chrome plated stainless steel, in line with food hygiene standards; Besides, with two vacuum oil filters, residual can be removed by simple filtering;
4. China Manufacture Soybean oil production line is Labor saving: it can save 60% labor for equal output and 40% labor cost per day, for one or two peopel are able to make production .
5. Environment friendly: integrating advantages of traditional Soybean Oil Plant, the new design machine are noiseless, no pollution, which can better meet environmental standard.
6. Other advantages of Soybean Oil Plant: high efficiency, enerLD and labor saving, easy operation, simple maintenience .


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