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2014 new type palm oil refining

Place of Origin Shandong, Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Leader'e
Certification ISO9001/ce/bv
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets new type palm oil refining
Price US $30,000 - 365,000/ Set
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 50 Set/Sets per Year new type palm oil refining

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shandong leader machinery Co., an international trading company. In the industrial fields,we have 20 years' experience of refining equipment supporting and industrial service. And we also have 25 years' experience of researching & manufacturing industrial microwave equipment for food/chemical products/medicine sterilizing and drying. Our machines are highly automatic, environmentally friendly and enerLD-saving. We have more than 200 national intellectual property patents.shandong leader machinery Co.,Ltd. has the experience and equipment to develop effective solutions across all industries and our products can be found worldwide.


new type palm oil refining
high oil quality,continuous and batch types,stailess steel material,for all kinds of oil material

2014 New type palm oil refining




New type Edible oil refining methods of oil refinery:

1)chemical refining 2) physical refining 3)chemical-physical refining

The classical alkaline refining method usually comprises the following steps:

What is edible oil Refining?

The crude oil obtained either from expellers or solvent extraction plant contains impurities, which must be removed to make the oil edible, more palatable and stable against rancidity upon storage. The process of removing these impurities is called refining.

Edible oil refining machine for many materials:

The main equipment

1.Neutralization tank:It is used for phosphoric acid degumming,alkai deacidification washing.

2.Bleaching tank:It is used for removing pigment,grease bleaching&dehydration.

3.Deodorization tank(by stainless steel):It is used for removing odor and peculiar smell.

4.Conduction oil furnace:It can provide the steam for deodorization.

5.Steam generator:It can provide the steam fo deodorization.

6.Vaccum pump:It can provide the vaccum for dehydration,bleaching and deodorization.The vacuity can reach above 755mmHg.

7.Filter press/Leaf filter:It filtrates bleaching earth for getting clear oil.

8.Air compressor:It dries the bleching earth,and blows the residual oil of filter away.

9.Oil pump:It covers the oil.

The classical alkaline refining method usually comprises the following steps:

Step 1.Degumming with water to remove the easily hydratable phospholipids and metals.

Step 2.Addition of a small amount of phosphoric or citric acid to convert the remaining non-hydralable phospholipids (Ca, Mg salts) into hydratable phospholipids.

Step 3.Neutralising of the free fatty acids with a sligLD excess of sodium hydroxide solution, followed by the washing out of soaps and hydrated phospholipids.

Step 4.Bleaching with natural or acid-activated clay minerals to LDorb colouring components and to decompose hydroperoxides.

Step 5.Deodorising to remove volatile components, mainly aldehydes and ketones, with low threshold values for detection by taste or smell. Deodorisation is essentially a steam distillation process carried out at low pressures (2-6 mbar) and elevated temperatures (180-220°C).

Our Edible oil refining machine advantages:


1) We use auto welding machine to make the reactor,which can quarrantee the quality of welding seam,avoid cracking and has a long life for about 8 years.
2) Professional heating treatment and x-ray detection chamber for welding seam .
3) Vacuum system to prevent oil gas be back to reactor causing accident.
4) With professional thermometer , professiona pressure gauge and safety valve.

Environment friendly:

1) Dedusting system to prevent gas and dust from coal burning
2) The exhaust gas will be recycled for heating reactor ,no gas pollution
3) Well sealing on every junction parts to prevent gas leak,no smelly

Longer service life :Using Q345R special steel plate ,welding seam with auto welding an will get heating treatment and x-ray detection to extend the life of reactor to the most extend, and the life will 8 years.

EnerLD saving:1) Well sealing for heating system ,no gas leak and saving fuel.
2) The exhaust gas will be recycled for reactor heating.

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2014 new type palm oil refining produced and supplied by shandong leader machinery Co.,Ltd.
Crude Oil Refining Machine can be used in black engine oil,Crude oil and plastic oil, etc, by distilled catalyst to get gasoline and diesel oil. The waste oil pump into the distillation of Crude Oil Refining Machine , through the coal (or fuel oil) heating to working temperature, the maximum working temperature by 2014 new type palm oil refining is the 410 degree and the required gasoline and diesel oil can be obtained after catalytic distillation. When the reaction of waste oil in reactor of 2014 new type palm oil refining is complete, stop heating, and remove residue from the tank of bottom, then Crude Oil Refining Machine can be used by 2014 new type palm oil refining again.

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