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40-80TPH Palm Oil Milling/Palm Oil Milling Machinery In Malaysia And Indonesia

Place of Origin Shandong, Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Leader E
Certification BV CE ISO
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets palm oil milling
Price US $10,000 - 20,000/ Set
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 20 Set/Sets per Month palm oil milling

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shandong leader machinery Co., an international trading company. In the industrial fields,we have 20 years' experience of refining equipment supporting and industrial service. And we also have 25 years' experience of researching & manufacturing industrial microwave equipment for food/chemical products/medicine sterilizing and drying. Our machines are highly automatic, environmentally friendly and enerLD-saving. We have more than 200 national intellectual property patents.shandong leader machinery Co.,Ltd. has the experience and equipment to develop effective solutions across all industries and our products can be found worldwide.

40-80TPH Palm Oil Milling/Palm Oil Milling Machinery In Malaysia And Indonesia

Company Information

Company Information:

1.Our company has been set up since 1982, it has been awarded the "The quality-star enterprise of China".

2.Our factory is also a group enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing and sales as one.

3.We have cooperated with Research Institute of Machine Design Company and Shandong, Shandong University of TechnoloLD (formerly the Shandong Grain College) school-enterprise cooperation in the oil equipment to carry out long-term, protein extraction, phospholipid extraction, etc. R & D and application of new technologies.

4.We have more than 200 employees ,among them ,there are 20 engineering technical personnel who hold intermediate and senior professional titles, and two highly reputed professors.

5.We have exported our machines to Moscow, Romania, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Tunisia, and so on. Our new customers can visit our demo machines in different countries.

Our Past Performance

palm oil mill craft:

FFB→Sterilization→Threshing(Separate the fruit from the bunch)→Digesting(stirring the fruit)→pressing →Purification → CPO →refining.

Processing flow chart:

Reception of palm oil mill:

1.The FFB bunch be transported to plant by truck, after be weigLDed by weigLDing bridge, the FFB will be loaded down to FFB Loading Ramp.

2.The iron door of unloading ramp is controlled by hydraulic device, Get the power from Hydraulic pump station.

3.Start on the hydraulic device, iron door be lifted.

4.FFB will fall down to the Palm Fruit screw conveyor, be transported to pretreatment plant, to horizontal sterilizer tank.


Loading Ramp:

Sterilization of palm oil mill:

Use the high temperature to boil the bunch and sterilize(145℃, 90-120min).

1.By Scraper Conveyor, FFB be transported to the top of sterilizing tank. Falling into sterilizing tank from feed inlet.

2.Sterilizing tank: The inside diameter of sterilizing tank is φ2000mm, length 12500mm, welded up by Q235B material(Chemical composition: C012~0.2%, Si0.12~0.3%, Mm0.3~0.7%, P

3.After FFB be transported into sterilizing tank (202), close the door of sterilizing tank, and open the vent valve behind the tank, then saturated steam,which pressure is 3bar and temperature is about 130℃.

4. After all the cooling air have been discharged out,close vent valve, proceed to sterilizing section. Sterilizing time is 55~60minutes.

5. The time of sterilizing is also according the kind of FFB, if the pressure is too high or the time is too long , palm fruit will be rot, also Resulting in the loss of oil, high temperature can change palm color.

6.Finish sterilizing process, close the steam valve, open the valve lead to Blow-off/down Silencer, cant open the sterilizing tank door until discharges out all steam and water.

7. Open the sterilizing tank door, sterilized FFB will fall on the FFB Scraper conveyor. Be transported to next station.

Sterilizer Station:

Threshing of palm oil mill:

Separate the fruit from the bunch through strong vibrating.

1.The sterilized FFB will be transport to thresher platform by scraper conveyor.

2.We adopt advanced Drum type thresher, insider diameter is φ1800mm, length is 5000mm. The material of main shaft is #45 steel (main chemical composition is C0.42~0.50%, Si0.17~0.37%, Mm0.50~0.30%, P≤0.035%, S≤0.035%, Cr≤0.25%, Ni≤0.25%, Cu≤0.025%).

3.Sterilized FFB be twisted and knocked in thresher. Palm fruit will be separated from empty bunch totally, fall on Fruit Scraper conveyor though fence, the empty bunch will be transported to Bunch Temporary tank by Bunch Scraper conveyor.

Thresher Station:

Digesting of palm mill:

Stirring the fruit, then digest again.

Digesting Station:

Pressing Station:

Separate the flesh and kernel, get crude palm oil and kernel(no crack-send to the depericarper). And using automatic palm oil press machine.

Screw Press:

Crude oil tank:

Clarification of palm oil mill:

Separate the oil and sludge(get 90% pure oil),the oil contains 45%-55% moisture, sludge and other wastes.

1. After removing the fiber and oil residue by Screening filter, palm crude oil flow

into Passivating oil tank.

2. The passivating oil tank will be inlet indirect steam and directly steam, after passivation

treatment palm oil and water mixture will be pumped to High level tank by Chemical

centrifugal pump, then flow into Clarifying tank stably.

3. There is steam pipe coil in clarifying tank, which can make water oil dilution ratio

stable, and separate water from mixture. And there is oil and sewage outlet, in case the

oil flowing will be short circuit, keep oil temperature around 100℃. After remove sludge

by filter, the water will return clarification tank to keep the water and oil ratio. The

waste water be discharged by another drain-pipe, which with special structure.

4. Clarified oil flow into storage oil tank from discharge hole of clarification tank , after

Disc-type separator remove moisture in the oil, then though Plate heat exchanger

heating to 105℃, remove residual moisture out from oil by Vacuum drier.

5. Vacuum degree of vacuum drying is achieved by Vacuum pump . The power of

vacuum pump is 5.5kw, adiabaticpressure is 23mmHg, the maximum capacity of

exhaust is 120m3/h.

6. The oil have been dried pumped to pure oil tank by Shielding pumps .

7. When the oil temperature in pure oil tank is about 50℃, oil will be pumped to produced oil tank by gear oil pump.

Other machinery:


Desanding Tank:



Kernel Silo:

Oil Tanks:


Any more questions, please contact me without hesitation.

Name:BrigLD Liu

Trade Manager: cn1511514064


Whatsapp:+86 18137172886


40-80TPH Palm Oil Milling/Palm Oil Milling Machinery In Malaysia And Indonesia produced and supplied by shandong leader machinery Co.,Ltd.
Crude Oil Refining Machine can be used in black engine oil,Crude oil and plastic oil, etc, by distilled catalyst to get gasoline and diesel oil. The waste oil pump into the distillation of Crude Oil Refining Machine , through the coal (or fuel oil) heating to working temperature, the maximum working temperature by 40-80TPH Palm Oil Milling/Palm Oil Milling Machinery In Malaysia And Indonesia is the 410 degree and the required gasoline and diesel oil can be obtained after catalytic distillation. When the reaction of waste oil in reactor of 40-80TPH Palm Oil Milling/Palm Oil Milling Machinery In Malaysia And Indonesia is complete, stop heating, and remove residue from the tank of bottom, then Crude Oil Refining Machine can be used by 40-80TPH Palm Oil Milling/Palm Oil Milling Machinery In Malaysia And Indonesia again.

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