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EnerLD Saving LeaderE Brand sunflower oil refinery in ukraine

Place of Origin Shandong, Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name LeaderE
Certification CE&BV
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets
Price US $21,800 - 500,000/ Set
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 400 Set/Sets per Year

Product Features

shandong leader machinery Co.,ltd. is a commitment to sales of food/chemical products/pharmaceutical disinfection drying Industrial microwave equipment, international trading Company. Our machines are high in automation, environmental protection and enerLD saving. shandong leader machinery Co.,ltd. Owns more than 200 national intellectual property patents, has a professional quality supervision team and a sound management system. Microwave equipment is an emerging industry, many companies do not have quality standards, and we have developed a set of industry standards, and in the relevant regulatory bodies for the record. We have complete supporting facilities, including CNC, CNC bending machine, in line with GB5226 electrical safety standards.
As a trustworthy international trading company, shandong leader machinery Co.,ltd. Not only provide high-quality microwave drying sterilization equipment, customized turnkey solution is one-stop service. Procurement advice, floor plans, operational training and life-long free technical support are provided by our professional and technical personnel.

Shandong Leader'E Grain and Oil Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Company Mission

Regard quality as the company life, regard user as the god, mutual benefit and win-win

situation with integrity, tenet.

Our business involve in small-sized oil pressing series, grain and oil engineering designing,

equipment manufacturing and installing, project contracting, technical service, new

product development, the intensive and deep processing for oil by-products and so on.

Our Company has grown into Chinese grain and oil machinery production and export

base with scientific management method, strives for perfection the manufacturing

process, innovative manufacturing idea rapidly, its production and the comprehensive

economic indicators lies in the forefront of the same industry line, the products have

been sold all over the country and exported to more than 30 countries and regions

such as Russia, India, South Africa, Ukraine, Nepal, Indonesia and so on.

The Process for sunflower oil refinery in ukraine

1. Acid reaction process for sunflower oil refinery in ukraine

Oil temperature can be adjusted by screw plate heat exchanger.When the temperature

is heated to about 80°c, mixing about 85% food grade phosphoric acid into acid

reaction tank for reacting, in the tank, most non-hydrated phospholipid

transfer into hydrated phospholipid.

2. Neutralization process for sunflower oil refinery in ukraine

In the neutral section, degummed oil with appropriate temperature and the appropriate

concentration of alkali liquor, into the neutralization centrifugal mixer mixing, in order

to achieve the LD effect of mixed, the mixture is then sent to neutralization tank for

enough time, in this process, excessive alkali neutralization of free fatty acids and some

phosphate from soapstock, after pumping oil soap mixture into heater oil heating to

85~90°c in centrifuge separation oil-soap or oil-glue.

3. Washing process for sunflower oil refinery in ukraine

Neutral oil from separator, still contains about 500ppm soap, in order to reduce the

residual content of soap, oil is joined by about 10% of hot water, washed in the

washing mixer, hot water will absord oil soap and other impurities,

then in the water separator are separated.

4. Vacuum drying section for sunflower oil refinery in ukraine

The neutralization and washing oil separated from the washing separator still

contains some residual water adverse to the oil stability, in order to get rid of

these water, the oil is sent to the vacuum LD to dry when the temperature is

still at about 110~120°c, the dried oil is sent to the bleaching section directly

by the oil tank.

5. Bleaching process for sunflower oil refinery in ukraine

The main purpose of this procedure is to remove teh pigments and residual

soup in the neutralization oil of the crude oil. The oil is sent to vacuum

bleaching tower after heated to 105°c. When the oil is sent to the tower,

it is mixed by the ratio mixer with carclazyte whose dosing was control by a program

controller and the dosing unit is installed on the ratio mixer directly.

The carclazyte conveyor system power is the wind and the bleaching earth

was conveyed to the carclazyte temporaty storage tank in the upper part of

the bleaching tower to supply the ratio mixer.

6. Filteration for sunflower oil refinery in ukraine

Miscella mixed by oil and clay from decolorization tower is pumped into

bleaching tower, then enters fine filter, in which clay and fixed impurities

is blocked. And the filtering substance( bleached oil) us transferred into storage

tank of bleached oil. There are two bleaching filters in this system,

one of the bleaching filter is always in the state of filtering, a

nother is in the state of emptying and cleaning state.

7. Deodorization process for sunflower oil refinery in ukraine

Deodorization process aiLD to remove the FFA, low molecular compounds and

others existing in bleached oil. The flow of bleached oil entering deodorization

process is controlled by a flow controller, and the oil is heated to the deodorization

temperature of 250~260°c through a series of heat exchanger.

The Advantages for sunflower oil refinery in ukraine

*By combining several years' practical experience, adopting a kind of unique

deguming technoloLD, extending the phosphoric acid and oil reaction time and

adding specific additives, our equipment can remove phospholipids in oil to the maximum.

* The new carclazyte automic quantitative system can produce more reliable oil of good

quality, with less investment for the full vacuum closed refining technoloLD.

*We can design the optimum refining scheme according to different oils and

different requirements for products.

EnerLD Cosumption for sunflower oil refinery in ukraine
Steam consumption ≤300kg/t oil
Bleaching earth 1-3kg/t oil
Power consumption ≤22kwh/t oil
Fuel consumption 10-20kg/t oil
Oil content in waste white clay ≤23%
Phosphoric consumption 0.5-1kg/t oil
Soft water consumption ≤160kg/h

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