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bottom price professional manufacturer LeaderE cold press rice bran oil

Place of Origin Shandong, Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name Leader'E, Leader'E
Certification CE/ISO/BV
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets
Price US $3,500 - 9,800/ Set
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 30 Set/Sets per Month

Product Features

shandong leader machinery Co.,ltd. is a commitment to sales of food/chemical products/pharmaceutical disinfection drying Industrial microwave equipment, international trading Company. Our machines are high in automation, environmental protection and enerLD saving. shandong leader machinery Co.,ltd. Owns more than 200 national intellectual property patents, has a professional quality supervision team and a sound management system. Microwave equipment is an emerging industry, many companies do not have quality standards, and we have developed a set of industry standards, and in the relevant regulatory bodies for the record. We have complete supporting facilities, including CNC, CNC bending machine, in line with GB5226 electrical safety standards.
As a trustworthy international trading company, shandong leader machinery Co.,ltd. Not only provide high-quality microwave drying sterilization equipment, customized turnkey solution is one-stop service. Procurement advice, floor plans, operational training and life-long free technical support are provided by our professional and technical personnel.

Shandong Leader'E Grain and Oil Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Company Mission

Regard quality as the company life, regard user as the god, mutual benefit and

win-win situation with integrity, tenet. We always put the quality and credit on the

first place. And we have high technoloLD, perfect management system and

complete sales model. I hope we can succeed in the future, depenging on our

quality and technoloLD.

Our business involves in small-sized oil pressing series, the turn-key project, grain

and oil engineering designing, equipment manufacturing and installing, project

contracting, technical service, new product development, the intensive and deep

processing for oil by-products and so on.

The Machine Function

1.The machine can be used to process many kinds of raw material: sesame,

walnut kernel, peanut, pine seed ( better to get rid of the shell), almond, perilla,

linseed and other oil crops.

2.The machine can press at least 7-8 kilograLD per batch, the time is about 4-6 minutes,

so it is too suitable for the citizens who live in the big and medium cities, because they

want to get the high quality oil after spending money.

3.The machine is easy to operate, high oil press rate, rare to replace wearing parts,

so this oil press in the most advanced requirement which can replace of the manual

operation of the sesame oil.

Oil Content
Raw Material Oil Content
Peanut 44%-55%
Camellia 58%-60%
Castor Seed 50%-70%
Soybean 18%-21%
Cotton Seed 33%-40%
Rapeseed 33%-40%
Sesame Seed 45%-50%
Sunflower Seed 40%-50%
Rice Bran 15%-20%
Safflower Seed 29%-45%
Corn Embryo/Germ 30%-40%
Walnut 40%-65%
Flaxseed/ Linseed 29%-44%
Palm Seed 50%-55%
Coconut 35%-45%
The Adantages

1. Low enerLD consumption, high speed, low noise, high efficiency

2. Slider divide speed into two segments to control: empty loading fast,

slowly close mold, strech

3. Activity crossbeam has safety limiter in both up and down directions.

4. Equipped with photoelectirc protection device, guarantee the operation safety.

5. With the function of automatic and manual, it is convertible.

6. Two operation model, viz pressure regulation and stroke regulation which

can be selected through operational panel, and has the character of

pressure-keeping an time-delaying.

7. It is made of stainless steel, the oil can reach the healthy standard

which is good for health.

Technical Parameter

Model 6YY-180 6YY-230 6YY-320
External Dimension(mm) 800*650*1100 900*750*1400 1100*1000*1500
WeigLD of Machine(kg) 530 880 1320
Nominal Pressure(KN) 1600 2200 3000
Max Pressure for Working(Mpa) 55 55 55
Power of Electricity Heating Circle (kw) 1 1 2
Controlling Temperature of Heating Circle(°c) 70-100 70-100 70-100
Sesame WeigLD/Time (kg) 1-3 2-7 5-15
Motor Type Sand Power(kw) Y901-4-1.5 Y901-4-1.5 Y901-4-1.5
Our Service

1. Pre-sale Service

* Selecting equipment type

* Designing and fabricating the products in accordance with the special requirements

of the clients

* Training technical personnel for our clients

* Providing construction and technoloLD consultations or working out proper

construction schemes for those new, special or different projects

2. Services provided during the sale

Respect our clients, present the clients with ease, relaxation and a surprise, devote

ourselves to improve the total value of our clients.

* Checking products acceptance ahead of delivery

* Introducing the service system to our clients

3. After-sale Services

Improve the added value of our products, and let the client free from the using troubles:

* Assisting the clients preparing for the first construction scheme

* Installing and testing the equipment

* Training the first-line operators on site

* Examining the equipment regularly

* Taking the initiatives to eliminate the failure rapidly at site

* Distributing the guarantee fittings door-to-door

* Providing technical exchanging

* Providing maintenance for big item

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