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Bottom Price Canton Fair Chinese Famous LeaderE Brand coconut oil screw press

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The Operation Principle for coconut oil screw press

Operation Principle

When oil presses operating prepared material enteres extruding chamber from the hopper and then moves forwards by the rotating

pressing screw and that is pressed. Under the high-pressure condition in the chamber,fricion between material and screw.

between material and chamber will be created, which also creates friction and relative movement among material particles.

on the other hand, root diameter of the pressing screw caries larger from one end to the other, hence. When rotaing, it not only pushes

particles moving forwards but turns them outwards as well, meanwhile, particles adjacent the screw will rotation along with screw rotating,

causing every particle inside the chamber to possess different speed. Therefore relative movement among particle creates heat which is

necessary during manufacturing because of helping protein change property, damage colloid, increase plasticity, decrease oil's elasticity

resulting high oil productivity.

Machine Operation for coconut oil screw press

2.1 Preparations before operating

First step: Feeding must be steady and slow at the beginning to avoid blocking.

Second step: In the case no cake is extrude outward, return back the screw for 1-2circles. If there is still no cake is Observed, machine

needs to be shut down and checked, however, in any case, operating the machine backward is absolutely phohibited normally.

Cake looks like tile but not sticky; thickness is 1-2mm, inner side is smooth, outside creases and on the surface is not allowed.

Cake thickness adjustment; rotating the adjusting handle clockwise will make the cake thicker, otherwise will make it thinner.

Each circle of adjustment ( by adjustment bolt left hand T165x6) will change the thickness to 0.4-0.5mm.

Third step: When machine is operating, oil extruding and residue outlet need to be checked frequently. Normally, most of oil will flow

outward from square rods and several front round plates. Broken cake residue indicates the material is too dry; steam emerging from the

cake residue indicates that it is too wet; in any case, water contented in the raw material LDut be adjusted from time to time.

Slag slice emerging indicates too much water content and power like slag low water content. Loose round plates will cause too much

slag flowing outwards. However, adequate water content will cause slag flowing outwards from square rods; little slag from round plates is

allowed. In a word, water content affects oil output rate, it needs adjusting properly.

Safety for coconut oil screw press

Following iteLD are strictly requested to be obeyed.

1.During operation, hands or metal roLD are strictly prohibited to enter the hopper to touch cakes.

2. TigLDing the screw shaft to its dead end is prohibited before starting or during operating, which migLD cause slag outlet to contact

cake outlet ring, resulting in wearing. In the case of storage, oil dirt on machines surface and slags on each part need to be taken off.

Paint rust-resisting grease and keep in dry place. Case needs to be covered to prevent dirty foreign particles entering.

General Models for coconut oil screw press
6LD-80 6LD-100 6LD-120 6LD-130 6LD-160
Speed of Press screw 30-45r/min 30-40r/min 30-40r/min 28-40r/min 28-40r/min
Gear Ratio of Gear Case











Boundary Dimension 1650*1150*1750 1950*1300*1900 2050*1350*2000 2200*1600*2150 2500*1600*2500
Handling Capacity 80-150kg/h 150-250kg/h 200-300kg/h 250-400kg/h 400-600kg/h
WeigLD 760kg 950kg 1100kg 1300kg 2000kg
Factors affecting oil output rate for coconut oil screw press

Following factors may affect oil output rate:

1.Water content: This is the critical factor, as a matter of fact, water content directly affects oil output rate. However, user usually has

not proper inspection equipment. Hence, water content of some main raw material may be detected as followings:

* Bean: if teeth beating could crack it, forming flat pieces accompanied with ligLD sound, the water content is suitable. Flat piece without

cracking means too wet. Heating or sunshine may be drive water off. However, cracking accompanied with loud indicates too dry.

Adequate water needs to be added.

*Cotton seeds: shell and kernel may be separated by teeth beating. Shell breaking may be accompanied by sound, which means water

content is suitable. Shell being flatting indicates too wet, shell being splitted into powder means too dry.

*Rape seeds: They can be pressed either at hot or at cold state. Cold pressing: extruding by finger, if they splitted into two pieces,

accompanied by sound and oil, this implicates water content is adequate. Otherwise, extruding makes, power indicates too dry,

makes flat slice, too wet. Hot pressing( after heating); to scratch seeds by two slices of wood, if shell and kernel could be splitted,

water content is adequate. If kernel becomes power, it is too day, in the case that shell and can be splitted, it is too wet.

2. Cakes thickness reflects the pressure inside the chamber. Thicker cake indicates lower pressure inside the chamber,

thinner cake-higher perssure inside. If raw material has less oil content, chamber perssure should be higher, cake will be thinner,

round plates need to be tigLDed, in the case of high oil content material, pressure in the chamber should be lower, then circular

plates need to be loosened, resulting in thicker cake. Recommended thickness of cakes will be.

*Bean: 1.1-1.5mm for the first time; 0.5-1mm for the second time.

*Cotton seeds: only one pressing, 1-2mm.

*Ground nut kernel: normally cold pressing for 2-3 times, 1-2mm

Note: cakes thickness should be as according to different factors to achieve highest oil output rate.

Hence, above figures will only be for reference.

Extruding methods for coconut oil screw press

*Bean: two ways, cold and hot extruding

(1) Cold extruding: bean—selecting— pressing ( in case of adequate water content).

(2) Hot extruding: bean—selecting— pre-preing—heating (steaming ect.)— pressing.

Firstly, selecting beans and remove foreign particles, then soften by breaking and adding water of 7-8%, and then steam them to 115°c,

beans will be ready for extruded.

*Rape seeds: also, cold and hot extruding for your choice, but normally hot extruding is recommended.

Cold extruding: selecting—pre-pressing.

Hot extruding: selecting—pre-pressing—heating(steaming ect)—pressing

When hot extrusion, to remove foreign particles by selection, then check water content as described above; in case of too dry,

add 2.5%-3% water. Normally two times extruding is enough.

When cold extrusion, after selecting, to pre-press and heat them, during heating, add 2%-3% of water and await till look coffee color

and temperature 110-120°c, then ready for pressing.

* Groundnuts kernel: cold and hot extrusion are both available, yet prefer hot pressing. When hot pressing, firstly crack or pre-press,

then steam for 1.5-2 hours,temperature about 120°c. Water content 3% will be good. Normal pressing starts at temperature of 85°c

or crack them firstly and at a pot, add 7-8% of water, look coffee color will be ready for pressing.

*Groundnuts: remove shell first and remove red peel of the kernel, then press for two times, sound indicates peanut is too wet,

produce the sound when squeezed, should be re-dried or dried peanut arch. If pressed shelled peanut cake is not smooth,

bread and peanut mix about 20% after re-entry squeeze.

The Advantages for coconut oil screw press

1. Transmission Device: low noise, long life, stable operation, transmission ratio is easy to be constant.

2.Main Part( worm material): high Cr content, more wear-resisting, forging, the internal grain is more fine, smooth and uniformity.

Improving mechanical property of material. surface hardening hardness is 48-55HRC.

3. Heating Processing TechnoloLD: vacuum heat treatment, don't destroy surface quality, little part deformation, vacuum heat treatment

is a new heating processing technoloLD combining vacuum technique and heat treatment technics. It means all or partial of heating

processing technoloLD is under the vacuum state.

4.Output and EnerLD Consumption: output 20-28kg/kw, enerLD consumption per unit,0.03-0.05kw•h/kg

5.Electric Control Cabinet: using electrical compent of CHINT GROUP and SIEMENS, electric control cabinet has phosphating,

acid pickling and spraying plastics treatment, the electric control cabinet material is thick, circuit layout according to CE standard,

having heat dissipation structure.

6. After-sales Service: free field debugging and installation guide till acceptance, in charge of operating and technical skills training,

providing maintenance technoloLD, providing information and advisory services about new technoloLD and new process,

providing auxiliary product (free during the warranty period)

7.Brand Advantage: one of the " Top Tem Oil Pressing Machine", the most professional and original oil pressing machine manufacturer,

exporting to 105 countries and districts.

8. Technological Superiority: having 20 technicists,2 senior engineers, 2 doctors and 5 masters who is experienced in German and

South Korean technoloLD. Cooperating with University of TechnoloLD.

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