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Pet food microwave LD &sterilizer

Place of Origin Shandong, Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name LD
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets
Price US $1,000 - 10,000/ Set
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Supply Ability 10 Set/Sets per Month

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As a trustworthy international trading company, shandong leader machinery Co.,ltd. Not only provide high-quality microwave drying sterilization equipment, customized turnkey solution is one-stop service. Procurement advice, floor plans, operational training and life-long free technical support are provided by our professional and technical personnel.
shandong leader machinery Co.,ltd. The main sales of microwave drying equipment and microwave sterilization equipment.

Microwave drying equipment is the principle of the frequency of 300 MHz to 300,000 MHz electromagnetic waves. The water molecule in the heated medium material is a polar molecule. Under the action of fast changing high frequency electromagnetic field, the polarity orientation will change with the change of the external field, which results in the movement and friction effect of the molecule. The field of the microwave field can be converted into the heat enerLD in the medium, so that the material temperature rises, and a series of physicochemical processes such as heating and puffing are produced, so as to achieve the microwave heating drying.



1.Rapid/symmetrical drying
2.EnerLD saving/high efficient
3.Adavacned craftwork
4.Easy control

Pet food microwave LD &sterilizer Main features of microwave drying & sterilization equipment

1. Rapid drying

microwave heating does not need the progress of heat conduction, wich make the material itself become a heating unit.

2. Symmetrical heating

Because of no restrictions on the shape of the material, the materials is heated even, and theres is no adjust outside or unheated inside.

3. EnerLD saving and efficient

The microwave drying can save one third enerLD of the far-infrared drying

4. Mildewprooding/sterilizing/keeping fresh

Microwave drying with thermal and biological effects can sterilize and resist rot under lower temperature.

5. Advanced craftwork and easy control

With the use of graphic operation terminal and PlC, you can realize programmable autocontrol of heating progress.

6. Safety and innocuity.

There is no harmful radioactivity or harmful gas, or waste heat or dust pollution, so neither could microwave heating contaminate food nor pollute the enviroment.

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Microwave drying is different from the traditional drying method, and the direction of heat conduction is the same as that of water diffusion. Compared with the traditional drying method, it has the advantages of large drying rate, enerLD saving, high production efficiency, uniform drying, clean production, easy to realize automatic control and improve product quality, so it is more and more attention in various fields of dryness. The application and theory of microwave drying technoloLD have been studied extensively in the last century and abroad in the 60, and have been further developed in recent decades. China's Pet food microwave LD &sterilizer research started late, compared with foreign countries have a certain gap, but also achieved good results, there are many research and application results. microwave vacuum dehydrator is now used in food industry, materials and chemicals, pharmaceutical industry, mining industry, ceramic industry, laboratory analysis, wet natural rubber processing.


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