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Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil Plant

Place of Origin Shandong, Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name LD Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil Plant
Certification CE,BV,ISO9001:2008
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set/Sets Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil Plant
Price US $2,000 - 10,000/ Set
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 30 Set/Sets per Month Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil Plant

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Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil Plant
1.Oil quality equals to EU standard;
2.Engineer errection service;

Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil Plant

Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil Plant Description:

Rapeseed→metering→magnetic separation→deironing→cleaning→stone removing →

gear roller crushing→softening→flaking→extrusion→cooling&drying→extraction

Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil Plant Introduction:

1.We supply different pretreatment methods for oil plants with different oil content. Generally, for high oil plants such as rapeseed, cottonseed and peanut, first prepress to the reasonable level and then extract.

2.At present, screw oil press is used for prepressing, and it includes single screw and double screw oil press.

3.Single screw oil press is of short stroke, high pressure, high-temperatured barrel and large capacity, while double screw oil press is of low-temperatured barrel because of double stoke.

4.Single screw oil press is used when there is no specific requirements for temperature, and double screw oil press is used for required pressing under low temperature.

Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil Plant Characteristics:

1. Full continuous and mechanized operation, and with electrical interlocking control system.

2. The equipment layout is in tower structure, and the material flow by relying on gravity to reduce reducing power consumption.
3. In extrusion process, consider producing extrusion material in different proportions and raw germ extraction, and adjust it at any time according to product requirements.
4. When producing soybean germ meal, the roller softening pot can better meet the flaking technical requirements.
5. Take into consideration the environmental requirements in modern industry. The workshop is also equipped with the dedusting system with high performance, so as to meet the requirements of production and environmental protection.
6. Select scraper conveyor as much as possible, which can effectively reduce raw material crushing, improve solvent permeation into the material layer, and increase the extraction efficiency.
7. Our company adds soybean extrusion process after flaking process, to extrude the soybean germ, further destroy oil material cell, improve the productivity LDly and get the extruded meal that is well-received by feed manufacturers.

Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil Plant Working process:

1) Metering process: with special equipment, the stable measuring scale is used to regulate the flow and measure total production. Moreover, it can achieve accumulated measurement, transient measurement and cost accounting, with accurate measurement and high precision.

2) Cleaning process: use magnetic selector to remove iron impurity, vibration cleaning sieve to remove straw, and gravity stoner to remove stones, bricks and other impurities. The dedusting system uses single union cyclone and centrifugal fan to remove dust effectively, so as to to ensure workshop hygiene and clear ligLD impurities.

3) Crushing Process

4)Softening process: with YPHW series horizontal softening pot, material enters softening drum

through feeding auger, and turns over with the rotating drum. The rotating drum is equipped with heating tube, and there is steam in the tube. When material turns over continuously with the rotating drum, soy is heated to 50-70°C and is fully softened, which can improve soy plasticity, make germ flake

thin and burly and improve extraction effect. In addition, the rotating drum has the inclination of high feed end and low discharge end. According to material softening conditions, regulate the rotating speed of drum to control the softening time of material in the rotating drum, so as to achieve the LD softening effect.

5) Flaking process: our hydraulic compact roller flaker can better damage the oil material cell to ensure thin and uniform flake, with high toughness and small powder.

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Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil Plant produced and supplied by shandong leader machinery Co.,Ltd.
Oilseeds Processing Line is the synthetical process of physical and chemical procedure. In the procedure, accompaniment of oil is selectively acted by Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil Plant , Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil Plant makes the combination of impurities and oil be weakened, and separates the impurities from the oil. There are three kinds of crafts, Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil Plant are continuous refining process, semi-continuous refining process, intermittent refining process. and included the following Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil Plant: degumming tank, nentralizing tank, centrifuge, heat exchanger, decolorization tower, dedorization tower, etc

Specific description of Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil Plant
1.Neutralization Tank of Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil Plant: used for acid refining, alkali refining or washing.
2. Bleaching Tank: used for bleaching oil&removing pigment.
3. Deodorizing Tank: used for removing the odour of oil (made of stainless steel).
4.Conduction Oil Furnace: provide production with heat source, and the temperature can reach 280 °C.
5. Vacuum Pump of Oilseeds Processing Line : provide vacuum degree for bleaching & deodorizing process, which can reach above755 mmHg
6.Air Compressor: weather bleaching earth used in the bleaching process
7. Filter Press: filtrate the bleaching earth
8.Steam Generator of Oilseeds Processing Line : produce steam for deodorization and distillation process
9. Leaf Filter of Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil Plant: filtrate the bleaching earth & impurities.


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